9984 >> SUMMIT 2017

October 5–6, 2017 Berlin, Germany

Blockchain Futures for Developers, Enterprises & Society

IPDB will link 200 leading blockchain developers and enterprises at its inaugural 9984 >> SUMMIT to exchange insights, tackle challenges, and build a decentralized tomorrow, together with BigchainDB.

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Where will blockchain of today lead civilization in 9984?

In a world changing with technology, blockchain brings future possibilities into present times… And with building catalysts comes responsibility.

As a port, 9984 connects enterprises and developers to BigchainDB software. As an event, 9984 allows enterprises and developers to connect with each other to progress the unique opportunities possible in scalable blockchain technology.

Possibilities such as liberating personal data from centralized silos, helping creatives feed their families, and shining light of transparency on ossified corrupt systems will take center stage during the event’s two days of hands-on programming, presentations, and open discussions.

The year 1984 has passed, but has the dystopian society it described?



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